Food businesses of all kinds need information about the hazards that they must control to ensure that their products are safe. Knowing your enemy is one of the keys to effective food safety management. Informed consumers can also benefit by having access to reliable information about potential threats to their health that may be present in the food they eat. While there are vast amounts of information about food safety hazards available on-line and in conventional publications, it can require a considerable time investment to find the relevant facts.

To address this need, we at Food Safety Watch are compiling a series of e-books dealing with important aspects of food safety. These are affordable, with text that is readily accessible for those without a high level of scientific knowledge, yet comprehensive enough to supply the key facts. The content is carefully researched and as accurate and up-to-date as we can make it, while each book is structured to allow easy navigation to the relevant information. We have included links to high quality on-line resources for those who need more detailed material.

The first and second books in the series are available now for instant download.

Biological Hazards in Food – deals with foodborne bacteria, viruses and parasites (Click cover image for details).



Chemical Hazards in Food – covers biological toxins from fungi, plants and seafood, and chemical contaminants derived from food processing, packaging and the environment (Click cover image for details).