Agency releases acrylamide and furan survey results

| April 26, 2013

The UK Food Standards Agency has published an interim report on surveillance for the processing contaminants acrylamide and furan in retail foods. The report covers 300 products from 10 food groups sampled during 2011-2012.

A total of 294 samples were analysed for acrylamide and 113 for furan. The results show that 17 products exceeded the ‘indicative value’ (IV) for their particular food group. A result above the IV triggers an investigation by the manufacturer’s local authority.

The Agency says that they cannot draw definitive conclusions about levels of acrylamide and furan in food at this stage. Continued surveillance is needed to establish any trends in the level of contamination. The results will now be sent to EFSA and collated with data from other European countries for trend analysis and risk assessment.

Find the report here.

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