EFSA makes food safety data available

| March 10, 2015

efsaheadquarters sizedThe European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has announced that it aims to provide public access to the food safety data it has collected and stored in the course of its risk assessment and exposure studies by launching a new “data warehouse”.

EFSA’s scientific data has been collected both by the Authority itself, by EU Member States, industry, academia and other data providers. It covers information on zoonotic diseases, antimicrobial resistance, foodborne outbreaks, pesticide residues, chemical contaminants, food consumption and chemical hazards.

The data warehouse will make much of this data available online through web reporting tools including tables, reports, graphs, maps and dashboards. The project will be developed over the next three to four years and different stakeholders will be granted access to it gradually over the course of 2015.

Access rules for the data warehouse have been agreed with the data providers and a copy can be accessed here.

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