Food hygiene ratings vary across the UK

| May 24, 2013

According to a survey by UK consumer organisation Which?, there are wide variations in the food hygiene scores achieved by food outlets in different postcodes in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The Which? analysis found that eateries in the DA7 postcode in Bexley, south east London, scored an average of 2.6 (out of a possible six), with almost half the businesses inspected scoring two or less. By contrast, the average score in Birmingham B35 was 4.9, suggesting a significantly lower risk of food poisoning. Big restaurant and retail chains tended to have scores of three or more (satisfactory or better), although individual branches received low ratings in some cases.

Which? executive director Richard Lloyd described the variation in food hygiene scores as “an unacceptable postcode lottery.” The consumer watchdog is campaigning for all food outlets to be required to display their food hygiene ratings clearly.

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