International Salmonella outbreak under investigation

| August 19, 2014

Outbreaks picPublic Health England (PHE) has announced that it is investigating a large outbreak of Salmonella Enteritidis PT14b in England that may be linked to outbreaks in France and Austria.

Over 200 people have been affected in localised outbreaks in England since 1 June, all of which were caused by the same strain of S. Enteritidis. To date, outbreaks have occurred in Hampshire, London and in Cheshire/Merseyside, typically linked to restaurants and takeaways serving Chinese style cuisine.

There has also been a hospital-based outbreak in Birmingham, but other reported cases caused by the outbreak strain appear not to be linked to any known outbreak and are being investigated further. S. Enteritidis PT14b has been isolated from food and environmental samples associated with the outbreaks in Birmingham, Hampshire and Cheshire.

In France, six outbreaks and 49 cases of illness caused by S. Enteritidis are being investigated. The outbreak strains are similar to that identified in England, but phage typing is not done routinely in France and further tests are required to confirm any link. However, an outbreak currently under investigation in Austria is caused by the same strain as the English outbreaks. It is suspected that a common source is responsible for all these outbreaks and further investigations are in progress.

More information can be found on the PHE website here.

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