Mars recalls milk drinks with elevated Bacillus counts

| August 19, 2014

mars drinksMars Chocolate Drinks is recalling branded drinks packed in sports-cap bottles and 750ml ‘fridge pack’ bottles because of a possible health risk caused by elevated levels of Bacillus species bacteria.

The following produces are included in the recall –

Sports-cap bottles:

  • Mars Milk (350ml, 376 ml)
  • Starburst Strawberry Drink (350 ml)
  • Bounty Drink (350ml)
  • Snickers Shake (350ml, 376 ml)
  • Skittles Wildberry (376 ml)
  • Galaxy Smooth Milk (350ml, 376 ml)
  • Milky Way Milk (350 ml)
  • Mars Caramel Milk (350ml)
  • Skittles Fruits (350, 376ml)

750ml ‘fridge pack’ bottles:

  • Mars Milk (750 ml)
  • Galaxy Smooth Milk (750ml)
  • Skittles Fruits (750 ml)

All ‘best before’ dates between 19/12/2014 and 11/4/2015 are included in the recall.

The affected drinks were manufactured for Mars Chocolate Drinks by Milchwerke Mittelelbe GMBH in Germany.

A company recall notice from Mars Chocolate Drinks can be found here.

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