New pathogen challenge testing laboratory opens

| June 10, 2013

UK-based Leatherhead Food Research has recently opened a new facility designed to help the food industry investigate the fate of foodborne pathogens in food products and processes.

‘DirtyLab’ is equipped with category II containment capabilities so that a range of pathogens can be inoculated directly into food products to determine how they are affected under varying processing conditions.

According to Head of Food Safety Dr Wayne Morley, the new facility provides “…an environment that directly replicates a food production area, but without introducing risks to the commercial production of food.”

DirtyLab allows challenge testing of individual food products, but can also be used to challenge the entire manufacturing process and to validate cleaning and sanitising procedures. Current projects include the heat resistance and survival of pathogens in dry foods and the survival of Salmonella in paprika.

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