Newcastle Salmonella outbreak linked to uncooked curry leaves

| June 28, 2013

A team of experts from Public Health England and Newcastle City Council have published a report on their investigation into an outbreak of Salmonella infection associated with the Street Spice Festival, held in the city from 28 February to 2 March 2013.

The outbreak is thought to have affected at least 400 people and various strains of Salmonella were isolated from 29 individuals, 25 of who were infected with Salmonella Agona PT40, a strain not previously found in humans or food in the UK.

The investigation concluded that the source of the outbreak was likely to be uncooked curry leaves used to prepare chutney. The leaves were probably contaminated with Salmonella and possibly with other pathogens (Shigella and E. coli). Some of the people affected were found to be suffering from more than one infection at the same time.

The investigation report recommends that the Food Standards Agency should compile advice for the food industry about the use of raw curry leaves to prevent a repetition of the outbreak.

The report can be found in full here.

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