No safety concerns over pesticide residues in US food

| January 21, 2016 US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) has published data from its Pesticide Data Program Annual Summary for 2014 confirming that overall pesticide residue levels in tested foods do not present a safety concern.

During 2014 the USDA tested 10,619 samples of food for pesticide residues, including 8,582 samples of fruit and vegetables, along with samples of infant formula, oats, rice and salmon. Over three quarters of the samples were domestic in origin and 22.9% were imported, while the rest were either of mixed or unknown origin.

The results of the testing revealed that more than 99% of the samples contained pesticide chemical residues at levels below tolerances set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Only 0.36% of samples contained residues exceeding EPA tolerances. Such low overall levels of pesticide residues are not considered to be a food safety risk.

The Annual Summary can be accessed on the USDA website as a PDF document here.

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