Salmonella and E. coli outbreaks linked to alfalfa sprouts

| March 4, 2016

sproutsThe US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is currently investigating two apparently unrelated multistate food poisoning outbreaks linked to different brands of alfalfa sprouts.

An outbreak of Salmonella Muenchen infections has affected at least thirteen people in four states, with five requiring hospital treatment. The investigation has established a link with alfalfa sprouts produced by Sweetwater Farms of Inman, Kansas. Laboratory tests have isolated Salmonella from samples of irrigation water and alfalfa sprouts taken during an inspection at Sweetwater Farms and further testing is under way to determine if the isolates correspond to the outbreak strain. The Company recalled all sprout products from the market on 26 February.

The second outbreak is caused by a strain of E. coli O157 and has sickened at least nine people in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Two people have been hospitalised, but no related cases of haemolytic uraemic syndrome (HUS) have been reported to date. The investigation has identified the likely source of the outbreak as alfalfa sprouts produced by Jack & The Green Sprouts of River falls, Wisconsin. The Company has voluntarily recalled all alfalfa and alfalfa onion sprouts.

More information about both outbreaks can be found on the CDC website here.

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