US cyclosporiasis outbreak – update

| August 7, 2015

CyclosporaThe US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued an update of its investigation into an outbreak of human infections by the protozoan parasite Cyclospora, possibly linked to fresh produce.

As of 3 August, CDC had received reports of 384 cyclosporiasis cases from 26 states in 2015. Of these, 226 people experienced onset of symptoms after 1 May and had not travelled to other countries before they became ill. This suggests outbreaks caused by contaminated food or water.

The outbreak investigation has identified clusters of illness associated with restaurants or events in Texas, Wisconsin and Georgia. The likely vehicle of infection in these clusters has been identified as cilantro (coriander). Investigators are now trying to identify specific food items that are linked to the cases not associated with known clusters.

CDC says that at least one previous US Cyclospora outbreak was linked to imported cilantro from the Puebla region of Mexico.

The investigation update can be found in full here.

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