US cyclosporiasis outbreak – update

| September 15, 2013

Salad 1 picThe US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is continuing to investigate a multistate outbreak of Cyclospora infection associated with salad mix imported from Mexico.

As of 6 September the outbreak had affected at least 646 people in 24 states with 44 patients requiring hospital treatment. Investigations in Iowa and Nebraska have indicated a link between restaurant-associated cases and imported salad mix produced by Taylor Farms de Mexico. In response, shipments of the suspect salad mix were suspended on 12 August and then resumed on 25 August after an FDA inspection.

Investigations of a cluster of restaurant-associated cases reported in Texas have not so far shown any link with Taylor Farms de Mexico and evidence from other states suggests that not all of the cases included in the outbreak are directly related to one another. The investigation is continuing.

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