Agency publishes aspartame study findings

| March 20, 2015 UK Food Standards Agency is publishing the findings of a study carried out by Hull York Medical School comparing the reactions to aspartame of people who have previously reported symptoms with those of people with no history of symptoms.

The researchers recruited a group of individuals who had reported having adverse reactions after consuming aspartame and a matched control group who had consumed foods containing the sweetener without any ill effects. They compared the reactions of the two groups to aspartame administered in cereal bars in a double blind randomised crossover study.

The results revealed that the group with self-diagnosed sensitivity to aspartame showed no difference in their reaction to the cereal bars, whether they contained aspartame or not. The study also considered factors such as psychological testing, clinical observations, clinical biochemistry and metabolomics.

The study report will be published in the peer-reviewed journal PLOS ONE and a copy of the text can be downloaded from the Agency website here.

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