FDA launches food safety challenge

| September 26, 2014

nhsggc_news_Ecoli_largeThe US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has launched a prize competition to search for a potential breakthrough idea for the rapid detection of pathogenic microorganisms in food – particularly Salmonella in fresh produce.

The 2014 Food Safety Challenge carries a total prize pool of $500,000 and is looking for innovative ideas and technologies designed to help detect foodborne pathogens more quickly and protect the safety of the food supply. It is open to food safety experts from industry and academia, as well as to entrepreneurs and those new to the field.

Entrants are asked to submit a concept that is specifically able to detect Salmonella in minimally processed fresh produce, but the ability to detect other pathogens in a variety of foods is encouraged. Concepts will be judged by a panel of experts from the FDA, CDC and the USDA and up to five will be chosen to go on to the final stage of the competition. Finalists will be awarded $20,000 to develop and refine their concepts further.

Concepts should be submitted to the FDA by 9 November and more details about the challenge can be found here.

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