Poultry vaccination lead to big drop in UK Salmonella cases

| January 25, 2013

A recently published article by Professor Sarah O’Brien of the University of Liverpool concludes that the falling incidence of non-typhoidal human Salmonella infections in the UK is associated with the poultry vaccination programmes and other measures taken to control the epidemic of egg-related S. Enteritidis PT4, which peaked in 1993.

Professor O’Brien suggests that a combination of measures taken to control the epidemic was responsible for the successful reduction of S. Enteritidis PT4 in breeding and laying flocks. However, the evidence suggests a strong relationship between the vaccination programmes and the corresponding reduction in human disease.

While the evidence suggests that this story is a good example of a successful public health intervention, Professor O’ Brien warns that new Salmonella problems have since emerged and there is no cause for complacency.

The article is published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases and can be found in full here.



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