Can You Freeze Bourbon Balls?

Freeze Bourbon Balls

Hey there, bourbon ball enthusiasts! If you’ve found yourself here, chances are you’ve been seduced by the deliciousness of these whiskey-laden, chocolate-covered delicacies.

Bourbon balls are a match made in heaven, featuring the richness of chocolate and the depth of bourbon all rolled into one bite-sized treat.

Now, let’s say you’ve made a big batch of these boozy morsels, or perhaps you’ve got some leftover from a party. The question that might be bothering you now is, “Can I freeze bourbon balls?”

I’m thrilled to guide you through the ins and outs of freezing bourbon balls, extending their life so you can enjoy them whenever the craving strikes. So let’s dive in!

Can You Freeze Bourbon Balls?

Short answer? Absolutely, yes! Freezing bourbon balls is not only possible but also a fantastic way to keep that rich, boozy flavor intact for longer periods.

It’s a go-to strategy for those who like to make large batches and save some for later. In fact, freezing might even enhance the flavors as they get time to meld together.

How To Freeze Bourbon Balls?

Freezing bourbon balls isn’t rocket science, but a few tricks can help you keep their quality at its peak. Let’s get started, step-by-step:

Step 1: Let Them Set

After you’ve made your bourbon balls, give them enough time to set. This usually means letting them rest in the refrigerator for at least a few hours.

Step 2: Choose the Right Container

When freezing bourbon balls, your choice of container is crucial. Airtight containers or resealable plastic bags work wonders here. Make sure it’s something that can be sealed tightly to keep moisture and other unwanted elements at bay.

Step 3: Layer with Parchment Paper

Place a layer of parchment paper at the bottom of the container. This prevents the bourbon balls from sticking. If you need to stack them, place parchment paper between each layer.

Step 4: Seal and Label

Seal the container tightly to ensure no air gets in. It’s also a good idea to label it with the date, so you know how long they’ve been in the deep freeze.

Step 5: Into the Freezer

Place your well-packed bourbon balls in the freezer. Make sure they are not crammed or pressed against anything, to maintain their shape.

How Long Can You Freeze Bourbon Balls?

You can comfortably freeze bourbon balls for up to three months without worrying about any significant loss in quality. After that period, they’re still safe to eat, but you may notice a decline in flavor and texture.

How To Defrost Bourbon Balls?

Defrosting bourbon balls is almost as easy as freezing them. Simply move the container from the freezer to the refrigerator and let them thaw overnight.

If you’re impatient, you can even eat them straight out of the freezer; they’ll be a bit harder but still delicious!

Do Bourbon Balls Freeze Well?

In a word, yes. Bourbon balls freeze exceptionally well.

The alcohol in the bourbon helps to preserve the integrity of the flavors, and the sugar and fat in the chocolate and other ingredients keep the texture smooth.

So rest easy; your bourbon balls will taste just as divine after a spell in the freezer.

Can You Refreeze Bourbon Balls?

It’s best to avoid refreezing bourbon balls once they’ve been thawed.

Repeated cycles of freezing and thawing can degrade the quality and may introduce moisture, leading to a soggy or crystallized texture.

Creative Ways to Use Bourbon Balls

While bourbon balls are delicious on their own, they can also be incorporated into various recipes or served in innovative ways.

Consider crumbling them over vanilla ice cream or using them as a boozy garnish for your favorite cocktails. Imagination is your only limit!


Freezing bourbon balls is not just feasible, but it’s also an excellent way to prolong the life of these mouth-watering treats. So the next time you make a large batch or have some left over, go ahead and stow them in the freezer. Trust me; your future self will thank you!


Can I use wax paper instead of parchment paper?

Wax paper can work in a pinch, but it’s not as non-stick as parchment paper. So you may find the bourbon balls sticking a bit when you try to remove them.

How can I identify if my frozen bourbon balls have gone bad?

Signs of spoilage include an off smell, mold, or a change in color. However, given the ingredients in bourbon balls, spoilage is less likely compared to many other foods.

Can I freeze bourbon balls with other desserts?

It’s best to keep them in their own container to maintain their distinct flavor. Mixing them with other desserts could result in flavor contamination.

Do I need to adjust the bourbon quantity for freezing?

No, the original recipe should work just fine for freezing. The alcohol content helps preserve the balls and adds to the flavor.

Can I freeze bourbon balls that have fillings or coatings?

Yes, you can, although the texture might change slightly upon thawing. Just be aware of any additional moisture from fillings like cream or fruit.

What’s the quickest way to thaw frozen bourbon balls?

If you’re in a hurry, you can let them sit at room temperature for about an hour. However, the best way is to allow them to thaw overnight in the refrigerator.

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