Can You Freeze Macarons?

Freeze Macarons

Oh là là! Macarons, those delightful French meringue-based confections, have a reputation for being delicate and finicky. Their crispy shells and chewy interiors, often filled with delectable ganache or buttercream, make them a sweet lover’s dream.

But what if you have a surplus of macarons on hand or want to prepare them ahead of time for a special occasion? Can you freeze these elegant pastries without losing their unique charm?

The short answer is yes, but it requires some careful consideration. In this article, we’ll explore how to properly freeze macarons without sacrificing their flavor, texture, or appearance. Let’s get started!

Can You Freeze Macarons?

You bet! Freezing macarons is not only possible, but it’s also a preferred method of storage by many professional pastry chefs. It might sound surprising, but freezing these delicate cookies can actually preserve their freshness and extend their shelf life.

However, not all macarons freeze the same, and there are certain steps you must follow to maintain their integrity. Read on as we explore how to freeze macarons, the right way to thaw them, and creative ways to enjoy these delightful treats.

How To Freeze Macarons?

Freezing macarons might sound like a daunting task, but with the right method, you can enjoy these delectable pastries any time you wish. Let’s embark on this culinary adventure together!

Step 1: Allow Macarons to Mature

Allow the macarons to mature in the fridge for at least 24 hours before freezing. Maturing helps the flavors meld together, making your macarons even more scrumptious.

Step 2: Arrange Them Carefully

Place the macarons in a single layer on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or in an airtight container with layers separated by parchment paper. Be gentle, as they’re quite delicate!

Step 3: Freeze Initially Without Cover

Freeze the macarons uncovered for about 1 hour. This flash-freezing technique will prevent them from sticking together.

Step 4: Transfer to an Airtight Container

After the macarons are slightly frozen, transfer them to an airtight container. Separate layers with parchment paper to prevent sticking.

Step 5: Seal and Label

Seal the container tightly to prevent air from getting in, which can cause freezer burn. Label the container with the date, so you’ll know when you put them in.

Step 6: Store Properly

Store the container in the back of the freezer where the temperature is most consistent. This will help maintain their quality for up to 6 months.

How Long Can You Freeze Macarons?

Macarons can be stored in the freezer for up to 6 months if done properly. Beyond this period, you might start to notice changes in texture and flavor. But let’s be honest, once you’ve tasted these delightful treats, they’ll likely disappear long before that time is up!

Remember, proper packaging and storage are key to preserving their quality. So, treat your macarons with the tender loving care they deserve, and they’ll be ready to dazzle your taste buds whenever you crave them.

How Do You Defrost Macarons?

Defrosting macarons might seem like a delicate dance, but follow these graceful steps, and you’ll have ready-to-enjoy treats in no time:

Step 1: Refrigerate First

Remove the macarons from the freezer and place them in the refrigerator for about an hour. This gradual thawing helps maintain their texture.

Step 2: Room Temperature Thawing

After an hour in the fridge, let the macarons continue to thaw at room temperature for another 30 minutes to an hour. This ensures they reach the perfect consistency.

Step 3: Serve and Enjoy

Now, plate those beautiful macarons and relish their delightful taste, just as if they were freshly baked.

Do Macarons Freeze Well?

You might wonder if these delicate, airy pastries retain their charm after a deep freeze. The answer is a resounding yes, provided they are frozen with care! Freezing macarons can actually help them retain their crisp shell and chewy interior.

The key lies in the freezing and thawing process. Handle them with love and attentiveness, and these little gems will reward you with the same luscious taste and texture you fell for at first bite.

Can You Refreeze Macarons?

As much as we’d like to play it fast and loose with our culinary favorites, macarons demand a certain level of respect. Refreezing macarons is not recommended. Once thawed, their delicate structure may become compromised, leading to a less-than-perfect experience.

If you find yourself with more macarons than you can enjoy at once, it’s best to freeze them in smaller portions. This way, you can thaw only what you need and leave the rest safely in the freezer for another day.

Creative Ways to Use Macarons

Beyond enjoying macarons as they are, why not take a creative culinary adventure and use them in different ways? Here are some imaginative ideas:

Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches

Pair your thawed macarons with your favorite ice cream flavor for a delightful twist on the classic ice cream sandwich. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you!

Macaron Cake Decorations

Adorn your cakes and pastries with colorful macarons for an elegant and eye-catching presentation. They add a touch of sophistication and a burst of flavor.

Crumbled Macaron Toppings

Crumbled macarons make for an enticing topping on ice creams, puddings, and mousses. They add a delightful crunch and a hint of sweetness.

Macaron Trifle Layers

Create a luscious trifle by layering macarons with custard, whipped cream, and fresh berries. The contrast of textures and flavors will make for an unforgettable dessert experience.


Freezing macarons doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With careful attention to detail and a sprinkle of love, you can preserve these exquisite treats without sacrificing their charm. Whether you’re making them ahead for a special occasion or saving leftovers for later, the freezer can be your best friend.

Remember, the success of freezing and enjoying macarons lies in the quality of the ingredients, the care in preparation, and the joy in sharing them with those you love. Bon appétit!


Q: Can I freeze macarons with fillings?

A: Yes, most fillings freeze well, but avoid freezing macarons with high moisture fillings like fresh fruit.

Q: How do I know if my frozen macarons have gone bad?

A: Look for signs of freezer burn, off-odors, or a significant change in texture.

Q: Can I freeze store-bought macarons?

A: Absolutely! Follow the same freezing guidelines mentioned in this article.

Q: How can I prevent my macarons from cracking in the freezer?

A: Proper packaging and gentle handling are key. Follow the step-by-step guide for best results.

Q: Can I eat macarons straight from the freezer?

A: It’s best to allow them to thaw gradually as described to enjoy their optimal texture and flavor.

Q: How do I package macarons for gifting after freezing?

A: After thawing, package them in a decorative box with cushioning like tissue paper or cupcake liners for an elegant gift.

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